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The Density Profile displays possible Optimization of the Production Process and refers to the Quality Properties of a Panel. The DENSE-LAB X system measures the  Density Profile vertical to the panel surface. This profile is influenced by  the press diagram of the hot press. A higher density is typically aspired to in the surface Layer; the actual thickness of the surface layer and definition of the sanding level are, among other statistics, key pieces of information  for the optimization of the production.  In the core layer, no density drops are allowed which weaken the internal Bond (tensile strength).  The calculation of the mean density, maximum and minimum values, mean value, proportions and  comparisons of panel samples are all valuable data which can be evaluated with the DENSE-LAB X.  The x-ray system works fast and precise - allowing several samples to be measured automatically and without any supervision. The DENSE-LAB X should be located on laboratory furniture; strict regulations and the compliance of safety standards during manufacturing prevent any emission outside of the system.  

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  •  The DENSE-LAB X system measures the density profile of panel samples vertical  to the sample surface.


  • Information for optimization of the density profile
  • Reduction of resin consumption
  • Quality assurance

Installation Location:

  • Laboratories of MDF, Particleboard  plants, and institutions
  • On laboratory furniture


  •  Connection of scale
  •  Connection of microwave moisture analyzer
  •  Connection of measuring caliper

Computer System:

  •  Monitor TFT 19“
  •  Mini Tower
  •  Wide range of power supply
  •  Operating system: Windows XP
  •  Hard disk in exchangeable frame
  •  Server hard disk (24 h operation)
  •  RAID controller for backup  (copying to second hard disk)
  • Ethernet LAN
  • Color printer 
Technical Data:


  • Technology: x-ray
  • Anode currency: < 1 mA
  • High voltage: < 32kVOutput: 700 VA
  • Cooling: electrical cooling by Peltier element
  • Lifetime of x-ray tube: approx. 5 years
  • Measuring range: up to 1,500 kg/m³ (standard)
  • Resolution: 10...100µm
  • Measuring time: 0.1...1 s/step
  • Accuracy: + 1% of range
  • Sample size: 50 x 50mm
  • Magazine: several samples up to 300mm
  • Weight: 50 kg (without PC, Monitor, Printer)
  • Surrounding temperature: 10…35°C
  • Air humidity: Max. 80% 
  • In accordance with German protection and  safety regulations for x-ray systems
  • Actual density profile
  • Total mean value
  • Mean value surface layer and core layer
  • Zoom of each position
  • Mean value of curve sections
  • Predefined surface layer thickness
  • Left/right top layer maximum
  • Core layer minimum
  • Ratio minimum/middle value
  • Long-term diagrams
  • Curve comparisons (overlay function)