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The TimberScan measures the moisture of solid wood such as timber, solid parquet, and Veneer – up to a thickness of 50 mm. It can be installed into the production process of such materials and continuously measures the Moisture Content of the product. 

The measuring system consists of Interspace probes, a cabinet and terminal. The product to be measured is fed, non-contact, through the gap of the probes. Every product passing the electromagnetic field changes the characteristic of the field that will be analyzed. Unlike conventional methods with a transmitter and antenna, this new concept, consists of a combination of a transmission and resonance method; where the measuring signal continuously penetrates the product. A very intense reciprocal effect between field and water molecules in the product arises, which leads to a very high sensitivity and measurement accuracy of the water content.

The measuring method works without heating the product and is independent from Density as well as the thickness of the product. Characteristics of the method involve non-contact measurement, low calibration expenditure, high measuring accuracy and excellent long term stability.

Döscher & Döscher offers special support of remote maintenance for the measuring systems. Using special diagnostic Software, directly from the Hamburg headquarters, support and maintenance work can be accomplished online, while talking with the customer.

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  • Industries: Wood
  • Materials: Solid wood such as: timber, solid parquet & veneer (< 50mm thickness)

Technical Data:

  • Measuring range: Sub-ranges can be selected, depending on Interspace-probe and product
  • Repeat accuracy: 1 % of final value of selected measuring range [I.e. measuring range 0 - 10%:= 0.1% accuracy]
  • Measuring time: Up to 1000 measurements per second
  • Moving mean adjustable via software
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Product temperature: 0 – 70 °C [32 - 158°F]
  • Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 °C [32 - 104°F]
  • Number of different products: 16
  • Max. data sets: 200,000+ (determined by size of hard drive)
  • Storage medium: Hard disk drive


  • Serial RS422 for connection of terminal
  • Analog 4 – 20 mA, moisture and temperature
  • Digital x 4 - In and output 

Interspace probe:

  • Size 700 x 750 x 400 mm [27.5” x 29.5” x 15.75”]
  • Weight: 45 kg [100 lbs]
  • Switch cabinet
  • Size 300 x 300 x 150 mm [12” x 12” x 6”]
  • Weight 5.5 kg [12 lbs]

* Technical data is subject to change




TimberScan for non-contact moisture measurement


Sketch of TimberScan installed