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Moisture Content substantially affects product and quality characteristics of engineered wood panels. For example, MDF panels can only be accurately sanded at a certain moisture content. HDF panels also need a narrow moisture range for optimal bonding between substrate and overlay. In general, varying moisture content in wood panels will affect the inherent stability and lead to cupping of the panel.

Both measuring instruments, MoistureGuard and MoistureGuard 2, give fast and reliable measurement of moisture content at the surface and in the sample core. With only a few sample measurements, the technician is informed about the moisture content of the entire panel, without special sample preparation. Wet and dry weight measurements of the panel samples are not necessary; a drying process of the panel samples, which lasts several hours, is also not necessary.

The first step to accurate moisture measurement begins by using the TFT touch screen. When using the MoistureGuard, the panel sample (120 mm x 120 mm) is placed on top of the SensorHead; The MoistureGuard 2, panel samples (50 mm x 50 mm) are inserted into the sensor slot. Within seconds, the measured value is displayed and with the MoistureGuard 2, the panel sample is ejected.

Both systems are easy to use and contain a multiplicity of measuring features, such as calibration, evaluation functions, historical database, and product codes. Due to its solid design, the measuring instrument is suitable for both the laboratory and for application in production. The system will optimize the parameters in your production process without time delay, and thus, reduce costs and avoid interruptions. In addition, the amount of work and expenditure of time are minimized - providing a vital economic advantage.

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  • Product quality is achieved faster
  • Reject panels are minimized
  • Laboratory costs are reduced
  • Labor is optimized
  • Production is continuously informed, in a timely manner


  • Microwave-based measuring technique
  • Accurate and fast measurement
  • Independent of Density, weight, color and structure
  • Measures both core and surface moisture
  • Safe - no heat is generated

Improvement of production

  • Quality safety device
  • More uniform panel quality
  • Reduced customer complaints

Optimized operational sequence

  • Substantial time savings
  • Shortened production start-up
  • Quick recognition of production problems
  • Current information for process control

User-friendly handling

  • Short measurement time
  • No special sample preparation
  • Easy handling

* Technical data is subject to change





MoistureGuard 2