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Continuous Thickness Measurement Avoids Inaccuracies. Press time is determined by the thickest location on a panel. Inaccurate measurement of panel thickness can result in the need to add an additional top Layer in order to avoid a sand-through during the sanding phase. Surface material, being more expensive than core material, proves just how important it is to avoid inaccurate measurements.


The THICK-SCAN "M" is equipped with moveable measuring heads that can be positioned any where across the panel width. Avoiding inaccurate thickness measurements is made possible using the THICK-SCAN "M". Furthermore, the THICK-SCAN "M" minimizes press time and saves raw materials by requiring less sanding. This also extends the lifetime of sanding belts because there is a dramatic reduction of sanding required, less material to be removed.

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  • The THICK-SCAN system measures the panel thickness continuously during production.
  • The measuring heads are mounted in pairs - opposite each other, so that vibrations, bending or cupping of the panel are compensated.


    • Optimization of press and sanding line
    • Reduced resin, energy and raw material consumption
    • Extended life of sanding belts
    • Improved panel surface quality
    • Quality assurance 

Installation Locations:

  • After press
  • Before, between, or after the sander


  • Moveable measuring tracks
  • Blow/Delamination detection can be added at any future time
  • Interruption-free power supply for PCs
  • Evaluation by EWS GAUGE-CONTROLLER:
  • Real time operating system
  • Field bus connection for data transfer
  • Network connection for visualization PC

Technical Data:

  • Technology: Precision contact rollers
  • Measuring tracks: any number
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.02 mm (0.001 inch)
  • Production speed: up to 180 m/min. (560 FPM)


  • 19 rack industry computer
  • TFT 19 Monitor
  • Server hard disc (24 h operation)
  • Hard disc in exchangeable frame
  • RAID controller for backup (copying to a second hard disc)
  • Ethernet LAN double
  • Wide range of primary power supply
  • Color printer


  • Actual profiles
  • Long term profiles, trends
  • Graphic and numeric representation