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EWS Product Lines

EWS specializes in the production of measurement tools for the wood panel industry.  Producing software and customized software for clients with specific requirements, EWS also offers techinical support from highly-skilled technicians who are available when you need them most.  The following is a list of all EWS products:

  • Delamination Detection Systems  ( 2 items )

    Ultra-Scan & Ultra-Scan 40+ can detect delaminations in engineered panels. Using EWS' patented PowerSonicResonance (PSR) technology, we are able to measure panels in both normal and extreme applications. Panels that are very thick, hot, and/or moving very fast in noisy, dirty environments can be measured. Using the same frame, contact thickness measuring can be added to any Ultra-Scan system - called a Quality-Scan system.


  • Thickness Measuring Systems  ( 2 items )

    EWS has developed online contact and laser thickness measuring systems. Our contact systems, Thick-Scan and Thick-Scan M, accurately measure the thickness of panels during production (+/-0.02 mm). Our laser systemss (Thick-Scan L) measures panels with densitu too low for a contact system or panels with an irregular surface with +/-0.1 mm accuracy. Delamination channels can be added to a Thick-Scan system using only one frame; a Quality-Scan System.


  • Board Scales  ( 1 items )

    The Conti-Scale is a non-contact system used to weigh panels after the press, evaluate the weight per unit-area distribution, and the density distribution lengthwise & crosswise to the production direction. Panel thickness, speed, and vibrations do not affect the accuracy of measurement.


  • Moisture Systems  ( 6 items )

    EWS has a wide range of systems too measure moisture. The MoistureScan measures moisture in the wood fiber, chips, and flakes, in a varity of post-dryer locations. EWS also has non-contact systems that measure dried veneer and wood flooring (VenScan), solid wood (TimberScan), plus systems for labratory measuring (MoistureLab, MoistureGard 1 & 2).


  • Weight per Unit Area Guages  ( 1 items )

    Mass-Scan X measures the weight per unit area of a fiber mat crosswise and lengthwise to the panel direction before the press.


  • Density Systems  ( 1 items )

    EWS' Dense-Lab X is a laboratory unit that uses X-Ray technology to measure the density profile of panel samples vertical to the sample surface.